Kitchen Storage Cabinet

Kitchen storage is a nightmare for most of us. The pots and pans, baking trays, casseroles, cutlery and grocery… we cant do without them but wonder how we can manage to store all of them in our space-starved kitchens. If you are among those who lives in an apartment with a tiny kitchen, you would empathize.
What we could do with are efficient kitchen storage solutions, solutions that will make the best use of available space. Plan your kitchen storage location well. Food storage and food preparation areas must be clearly chalked out. Good use must be made of unused or under-utilized spaces.

Kitchen Storage Cabinet

It is essential that you make best use of your kitchen island. Concealed storage in your kitchen island is a boon, especially if your kitchen is small. You can maximize your storage with pullout racks, spice drawers and customized bins to make efficient and practical use of space. Hanging up pots and pans not only offers kitchen storage solutions but can lend your kitchen a lived-in look, much like that of a rustic inn. The dead space on your walls is put to good use with simple screw pegboards and hooks.

• Placing your kitchen storage items higher will give you more space. Put away items not frequently used on the higher cabinet racks.
• Food preparation areas must be well equipped with knives, spices and ingredients. Ensure that the necessary tools and vessels are available at hand.
• Plan food storage correctly. Place frequently-used items within easy reach. Store dry goods into airtight, stackable containers.
• Try putting up a towel bar to a cabinet door and you will have your dish cloth or hand towel within easy reach.
• Stock pots, saucepans and bowls by size and store them near your food preparation area.
• Don’t forget a place for the cleaning supplies and wastebasket.
• Plan out a space for the cooking oils.
• Go in for full-extension pullouts. This will relieve the need for reaching deep into cabinets.

A basic principle of kitchen storage is to maintain clutter-free counter space. This allows you to space to lay out your ingredients and cooking utensils. You can choose to put away your kitchen stuff out of view in neat kitchen storage cabinets or go in for display on open racks. Alternatively combine the look with closed kitchen storage cabinets and put open shelves to best use with cookbooks and attractive kitchenware.
We have carefully looked into various areas of kitchens in detail to help you remodel your kitchen storage and décor.

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Unique Christmas Gift Idea

The festive season is round the corner and everyone seems to be thronging the stores in a flurry of frenzied shopping. After all, Christmas is the season for giving and sharing… and telling people you love how much they mean to you. What better way to say this than by selecting a unique Christmas gift with care!

As I was busying up getting my gift list ready, the touching story of caring and gifting came to my mind, flashing back from the days of my childhood when I had first read this short story ‘Gift of the Magi’ by O. Henry. It never fails to fill me with a warm feeling each time I read it. Allow me to present a short synopsis here since it would definitely serve as chicken soup for the shopping souls.

It is the story of a poor couple Jim and Della who didn’t have enough money to buy each other a gift for Christmas. They lived in impoverished conditions and all that they had to be proud of was Jim’s gold watch, given to him by his grandfather. Della had beautiful hair, hair that would have put Rapunzel to shame.

Christmas Gift Idea

Della had tried to save a few pennies but that could hardly have got her anything for Jim. She checked out a thin gold chain that would look perfect on Jim’s gold watch. The price deterred her. As she was peering through the crowded storefront, she caught sight of her beautiful hair in the window. She made up her mind at once. She sold her mane to a hair store that bought it for a good price. Clutching the gold chain in hand, she walked back home, eager to show Jim the gift.

As she walked in home, James gave a look of dismay when he saw her. In her enthusiasm, Della didn’t notice it and showed him the beautiful gold chain. She asked to see his watch so that the new chain could be fastened. Jim didn’t have it as he had sold the watch to buy Della a gift for Christmas. The gaily-wrapped gift was still in his hand. When opened, it revealed a set of exquisite tortoise shell combs for Della’s long hair.

The story is named after the Biblical Magi, who brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh at the birth of Christ. In modern times, we all need to pick up unique Christmas gifts, gifts that will bring a smile, gifts that will gladden the heart. In much the same way, pick up unique Christmas gift ideas from our informative articles:

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Christmas Gift For Mom

There’s no one like mom… be it when you are a little kid, growing girl or adult woman. There’s no comforting place like being ensconced in the loving arms of your mother. She’s comforted you when you grazed your knee, been a tower of strength during your rigorous exam schedules, helped you with tackling the pangs of growing up and she’s been happy when you finally made it out on your own. For those of us with kids, there is no denying the special role of granny.

Gifts for Mom

Take time off to buy your mom a special gift this Christmas. After all, you know your mother best. Think of what she would like, be it a piece of jewelry or a gourmet gift basket. Would she prefer a gift certificate so that she can leisurely buy something at her own pace once the Christmas shopping crowds are gone? If your mom is game for it, why not gift her a pampering session at a spa. Maybe you too could go for it together…ideal to spend a whole day just the two of you, getting yourself all massaged and pampered!

Flowers never go out of style. A bunch of her favorite flowers and goodie gift hamper are sure to bring a smile on mom’s face. Toffees and cheesecake, cheese and herbs, wine and cookies – choose a gift hamper that suits her taste buds. Whilst at it, you can even consider Italian baskets crammed with pasta, sauces, herbs and more or exquisite chocolates.

If your budget permits it, why not go ahead and buy her a jewelry gift for Christmas. The options are myriad, from lightweight gold jewelry, silver jewelry or pearls. You can pick up a Celtic Shamrock Clover brooch or beaded jewelry. Buy her jewelry with her birthstones in it. Religious jewelry is yet another option.

Mom’s hobbies are a great clue to finding her a great gift for Christmas. Books, music, gardening accessories, sewing patterns and materials…. the list goes on. If you think you can spare the cash, book a relaxing holiday at a nearby holiday resort that she has been eyeing for long.

There is no denying that personalized gifts mean a lot, be it a simple card sketched by a grandchild or a photo album that takes her through the years or even a small poem written by you for her.

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