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The name chosen – Targetwoman – was selected after poring over some hundreds of names for the Women Portal. Eventually the proponents of the project became so tired to the point that in their deprived state, they chose this Title as signifying their motto. One of them even ventured to produce a logo and the logo managed to survive to this day despite many logos done by many designers of repute.

Targetwoman – the Winning Women Portal has many sections – primarily the informative Articles section and the  Women Directory section.

The Information rich Content section is headed by an editor – who goes under the pseudonym (to protect her privacy) Samantha who has about a decade of rich experience associated with computer content. She oversees a team of about 2 dozen writers spread across the globe, who assiduously seek out and research on topics provided by the editorial team. The information collected is collated and condensed into a couple-of-page- length articles. The editors then pore over the articles to reshape the content into the final articles which appear in our pages – thus ensuring consistency in the language and style.

The Directory section has 10 major category sections which are further sub-divided into many sub categories – each assigned to one of the editors who specializes in that sub category. She presides over the inclusion of the submitted links based on uniformly agreed editorial policy.

The technical department who provides the back bone technical infrastructure is a little complicated as you can expect from the complexities involved. It is headed by a CTO with over 2 decades of industrial experience. This CTO is primarily responsible for the eventual upkeep of the servers and the various technologies implemented in the deployment of this Site. For the technically conversant, the health information section – Athena, is dynamically generated using an amalgamation of technology. Linguistics, a human-scale weighted dictionary of over 250,000 words and some 50,000 lines of codes contribute to this -still-in-beta content delivery engine.

Eventually all the pages undergo random quality check which tests amongst other things –  veracity of the information provided, HTML compliance and cross browser compatibility.

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