Natural Hair Care

In our articles we have talked at length about various hairstyles, be it celebrity hairstyles and braid hairstyles, hair updos or bridal hairstyles. When you have a head of healthy hair, it shows! The luster, bounce and shine of healthy hair never fail to catch anyone’s attention. With the plethora of hair care products available these days, we are never in dearth of hair shampoos, conditioners, mousses, gels and what have you!

Natural Hair Care

Today I wish to draw attention to simple yet effective natural hair care products, items that are easily available in most homes. From fruits and eggs to limes and oil massages, you can use many an item from the kitchen shelf to work on your hair. What is essential is to understand your hair type and what kind of natural products would suit it.

Fruits come choc-a-bloc with nutrition and health. While you always knew that they did wonders for your health and skin, did you know that you could use them on your hair too?

Mash an avocado and use it as a hair conditioner. You can blend it to a paste with lemon juice and pure aloe extract. If left on the hair for about 15 – 20 minutes and then washed off with a mild shampoo, your hair would emerge conditioned and soft to the touch. Whilst on the topic of natural hair conditioners, I will talk of another home treatment.

I for one haven’t tried it but have read about it in most hair care books. Mayonnaise, yes you read right, mayonnaise can be applied to freshly washed hair and left for about 15 – 20 minutes.

Honey is considered an effective natural hair care product. Mixed with warm water and applied to freshly washed hair, it is said to leave a shine and sheen on your hair. Grandma’s tip to apply a couple of eggs on the hair still works well. Mixed with a few teaspoons of olive oil, this natural hair care treatment adds shine and strength to your hair.

Hair masks made with blended fruit and yogurt serve as excellent natural hair conditioners. Beer, vinegar or limejuice when added to the final rinsing of your hair can leave your hair well conditioned and shining.

When talking of natural hair care treatments, we cannot but ignore the beneficial effects of warm oil massage. When warm oils are well massaged into the scalp, it stimulates hair follicles, boosts circulation and provides the hair with much-needed nourishment…. and the relaxed feeling it leaves you with is by itself worth the effort. Wrap a towel dipped in hot water around the head a few times and leave on for about 30 minutes.

After all, a bit of care and we can keep our healthy mane well nourished and going strong for years! Take some time off to pamper your hair and yourself!

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    Hair continues to be an obsession with us. Whether it is to choose the right hairstyle or treating hair loss or opting for various hair treatments, women are always in a tizzy about the condition of their hair and choice of haistyles.

    What goes into making a natural hairstyle? The hair cut must ideally be suited to the length, texture and color of the hair. A good hairstyle must complement face shape and features. Choose a hairstyle that goes well with your age and lifestyle. Messy large hairdos don’t find place in a corporate environment. An updo is ideal for prom night or a wedding party.

    natural Hairstyle
    If you are a working woman, look for a natural hairstyle that has a clean cut and easy to maintain. Learn to wear your hair in many simple ways. Try them out first with your hairstylist. Don’t forget to go in for regular trims to keep your hairstyle looking great.

    If your hair is very thick, you may need to go in for layering to achieve a pleasing overall effect. High maintenance hairstyles are fine if you have lots of time, patience and inclination towards all the curling, blow drying and all that goes into heavy duty hairstyle care. Hair sprays are no longer in. Instead go in for gel or mousse to achieve fullness and for styling. Look for volume building products if you have fine hair.

    Women have taken to hair straightening with a vengeance. With thermal reconditioning products, curly unruly locks are a thing of the past! You can sport straight silken tresses by subjecting your hair to hair straightening treatment. But this means that your hair will require TLC to prevent it suffering from the harsh chemicals and heavy ironing.

    Length of hair is a very personal issue. While long hair is a part of many cultures, these days women sport trendy hairstyles that can range from layered bobs to long fringes or even short pageboy look.

    But all this works on hair that is intrinsically healthy and glowing. Now that makes a subject for another day. After all healthy hair never goes out of style! Take a tip or two from our articles on haistyles:

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    Hair Care And Hair Style

    Hair may not be essential for life, yet hair means many things to women. Personality, style, health, success, social recognition and attractiveness for women hinge often on their luxuriant tresses. We probably attach extra ordinary importance to our hair and the hairstyle not without a reason. A change to the hairstyle can often create dramatic change to our appearance.
    The American Academy of Dermatologists estimates that about 30 million women in the US are affected by hair loss. Hair loss can be due to many reasons – vitamin deficiency, hormonal imbalance, emotional stress and a host of diseases.

    Research shows that increasing number of women lose around 20% of hair between 20 and 50 years of age. As some hair falls out, new hair grows in its place as part of an ever changing cycle.
    Healthy hair can be easily groomed and styled. The bottom line is that your hair is the reflection of the overall condition of your body.
    In the US alone, the hair care industry is worth about 7 billion dollars and the options available are bewildering.  

     The possible choices in Hair style can easily outnumber the total number of women on this planet. From a casual  punk hairstyle to Celebrity Hairstyle have found favor with most of us depending on our mood and situation.

    In keeping with the trend, we have dedicated more than 23 articles on Hairstyle and Hair care here – to care for the luxuriant mane you so proudly flaunt with a sweep of your head.

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