Healthy Rice Recipes for Dinner

Rice is the staple food for half the world population. On the basis of produce, rice crops produce more food energy and protein supply per hectare than wheat and maize. Though rice has a low protein content when you compare it with other grains, rice is superior in lysine content and meets daily carbohydrate needs.
Grown in amazing varieties around the world, each region has its own specialty. From the long-grained Basmati to the sticky black rice, from the medium-grained Aroborio to the mildly fragrant Jasmine rice, you can use rice in interesting healthy ways.


Free Ebook in the form of iBook from Apple Stores We have revised the ebook and added additional features suitable for iBook format in this second edition.

Now that we are through with singing paeans about rice, we – at TargetWoman, cooked up a few dozen recipes using rice amongst other things. Our primary goal is to come up with a compendium on Healthy Recipes using any available ingredient known to man. We sifted through vast quantities of material and then looked up the implications of the ingredient used. It is a long and arduous task – I can assure you. While that book is still taking shape, we decided to release an ebook on recipes using rice for dinner.


We picked the top 12 recipes from around the world – on the basis of simplicity, cuisine representative of a region and our own preferences after trying out so many hundreds of recipes. We hope you will enjoy the recipes as much as we did in preparing them. Bon Appetit !

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As on 17th July 2013, we have updated the Ebook with some changes in the content and visual elements. If you use the link below – you will download the latest revised edition of this book.

Healthy Rice Recipes for Dinner in PDF format

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