Winter Skin Care

Skincare regimen is based on many a factor – your skin type, age, season, place you live and lifestyle factors. With winter upon us, we are left coping with chapped lips, flaky skin and hands that look withered and dry. With the right winter skin care, all this can be a thing of the past.

winter skin care

Ensure that you keep your baths short. Don’t go in for hot water, though it’s really tempting! Prolonged hot baths will end up robbing the skin of its protective fat and lipid layers. Seal in the moisture after a bath with a winter care cream or body oil.

Continue to use your body or skin scrub to exfoliate dead skin. Avoid strong skin cleansers, especially those that contain alcohol. Follow it up with a pat of moisturizer. You can opt for natural moisturizers such as flaxseed oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, evening primrose oil or almond oil.

Sunscreens are not just for summer – your skin needs them in winter too. Use a moisturizing sunscreen to protect your skin from UV damage and the drying effect of winter.

Don’t restrict your winter skin care to facial skin alone. Follow this regimen for the whole body. Take care of chapped lips with moisturizing lip care products, lip balms or Vaseline. Using a lip exfoliant can help keep chapped lips at bay.

Pack your daily fitness regimen into the schedule and there is nothing better than healthy skin that results from good blood circulation.

At night, you can consider using a hydrating cream that is best suited for your skin type. This will help keep dry skin at bay and leave it looking smooth and well hydrated.

Go on. Winter proof your skin!

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