Caring for rough hands and feet

Ever so often, we women take so much care of our face and pamper it with products to keep the skin smooth and youthful. But we forget to extend the same treatment to our hands and feet. Nothing is a greater giveaway to age than weathered dry hands and feet.

Hands come in for a lot of use (and abuse). From strong chemical detergents and soaps to the beating sunrays and cold winter days, hands get it all and more! Age spots, discoloration, peeling and cracked skin … the woes are endless. Skin on the back of the hands tends to appear dry and shriveled as it has few oil glands. It is essential to keep it well nourished with a rich lanolin-based cream or even a homemade blend of glycerin and rose water.

As for our feet, we suffer cracked heels due to dry skin. Footwear too can cause ugly corns and calluses. Smooth hands and feet is not about applying hand cream ‘occasionally’ but is more about regular maintenance and care.

Caring for rough hands and feet

Wonder Nature

For natural products to tackle rough hands and feet, look no further than your kitchen. Nothing beats regular sea salt when it comes to sloughing off dead skin and giving you smooth hands. Rubbing salt and lemon solution on the hands can rid your hands of the awful tanned discoloration. The lactic acid in milk works wonders on the skin of the hands and the calcium helps strengthen fragile nails. All you need to do after a tough day is dip your hands in a bowl of warm milk.

Soak your hands and feet in warm water for a short while before you embark on the TLC. A good scrub cream or natural exfoliator will not only help slough off dead skin but also boost circulation. Try the sugar and lime juice exfoliator for hands as well as soles and heels of the feet. Works as a lightening agent too! Pamper your hands and feet with buffing and moisturizing often.

Hand and foot care products

Go in for products that contain jojoba and almond oils, evening primrose or Vitamin E. Shea butter or glycerin are other natural ‘moisture lockers’ enabling the skin on hands and feet to remain smooth and unlined. Don’t forget your hands and feet when you slather on your daily sunscreen. This would go a long way in protecting them from UV rays and looking old much before their time. Choose hand and feet creams that seal that oil in.

Give your hands and feet the care they deserve. A few simple tips to regular hand and feet maintenance:

  • Wear gloves while working in the garden or washing up at home.
  • NEVER forget your sunscreen on your hands and feet.

  • Use a pumice stone regularly to slough off dead skin on the feet. Don’t attempt this on dry feet but instead after a leisurely soak in warm water and vinegar.
  • Drink plenty of water as it keeps the skin well quenched and smooth.

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