Healthy Recipes

In keeping with our focus on physical and mental wellbeing, we throw light on healthy recipes that we can incorporate into our mealtimes. With women juggling so many roles, the need is felt for healthy dinner time recipes that promise wholesome meals to enhance family meal times. Eat healthy to stay healthy. After all you are what you eat. Combined with a regular fitness regimen, make healthy recipes a part of your lifestyle. In this way, your body thrives on the goodness of wholesome nutritious meals. Keep your heart happy too.

Healthy Recipes

Healthy recipes help you gain control over your weight and medical conditions. Over time, these healthy options will become a part of you! With a bit of ingenuity with ingredients, you can work wonders with food. Go in for whole grains and whole grain products. Cut out unhealthy fats. Work plenty of color into your meals with colorful vegetables and fruits. With skillful use of herbs, you can kiss goodbye to oily and overspiced dishes. Dont give deserts the go by any longer. With our range of low-fat desserts and tips on substituting high fat ingredients with healthier options, you can indulge your sweet tooth!

It is indeed sad to see growing kids getting overweight and obese. Any mom would be happy with some healthy recipes to feed her kids. Opt for healthier snacks over packaged snacks that are high on fat and salt. Beware of sauces and dressings that are loaded with MSG, margarine, oil or butter. Go in for low-fat dairy products. Make healthy cooking a lifetime plan!

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  1. It is definitely a struggle to find healthy good options for kids in this fast pased world where women have less time than ever. I have found something that works really well for kids. Cut up some fresh fruit… blueberries, strawberries & grapes work great. Then freeze them! They are absolutely delicious. I even find myself going to the freezer and instead of pulling out some ice cream, I grab a bunch of frozen fruit. It’s fun for kids, too, because they’re like little pieces of popscicles.


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