Easter Decoration

Origin of Easter or the Feast of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ can be traced to the past – from the Jewish Passover combined with the Pagan celebration following Spring Equinox or the Rites of Spring tradition. For the Christians, Easter is of paramount importance as their faith hinges on the Resurrection of Christ (Corinthians 15:12-29).

His Crucifixion by the Roman Army and the subsequent resurrection and Ascension is central to the faith of more than 2 billion Christians (various sects included). *

Easter heralds the beginning of spring and its time for the brilliant colors of yellow, purpose and rose. With some simple Easter crafts, kids can come up with beautiful Easter eggs. All you need is beads, glitter, sequins and plenty of imagination! Candles are symbolically lit during Easter to drive away the gloom of darkness and usher in hope and prosperity. Special Paschal candles symbolize the return of Jesus to life. Made of beeswax, these Easter candles have cross engravings.

Easter Sunday Celebrations

A few simple tips to get your home adorned for Easter:

  • Add a few colorful Easter bunnies, especially in the kids’ bedroom.
  • You can modify some of your décor in keeping with the Easter theme – from fresh lilies and Easter eggs to hot cross buns and cute chocolate bunnies.
  • Place an Easter basket on your center table, chockablock with Easter eggs in varied hues, tinsel and bunnies.
  • You can pick up eggshell ornaments to embellish your centerpiece.
  • You can use little rabbits and chicks to represent the spirit of Easter and a new life.
  • Place lilies, forsythia, hyacinth and crocuses in huge glass bowls or vases.
  • Use festive Easter grass to create vignettes. Place them on the mantelpiece or hall table to spread the festive cheer.
  • Incorporate the Easter spirit into your dining room décor, from tablecloths and napkins to chocolate eggs and sweet bunnies. .
  • Make a flowered cross from fresh branches of your garden.

Make your own Easter wicker basket out and fill it up with handmade Easter crafts. Once you get the eggs well boiled and cooled, get set to let your creativity take over. Dye them in myriad hues and use embellishments that you can find at home – stickers, dried flowers, ornaments, sequins and ribbons. You can try various techniques such as papier mache for added effect. Spray clear nail polish or white glue to preserve the Easter for a long time.

* Source: David Barrett et al, “World Christian Encyclopedia: A comparative survey of churches and religions – AD 30 to 2200,” Oxford University Press, (2001).

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