Psychological Benefits of Exercise

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Losing weight, svelte figure, strength training or toned muscles….. Each woman has her own reasons for exercise. Feeling fit and looking good makes us feel better about ourselves. Exercise is an ideal wellness maintenance activity. You can keep many an ailment at bay by maintaining an appropriate exercise regimen. Improved bone density, healthy body weight, ideal BMI, healthy heart and more – the benefits of exercising are myriad!

Psychological Benefits of Exercise

Regular exercise has been noticed to combat signs and effects of aging. Improved nerve health and enhanced antioxidant activity can delay the aging process of the cells. Exercise helps boost the immune system which consequently results in better resistance to illness. Better blood circulation reduces the changes of stroke and clotting.

The release of endorphins is highly beneficial in relieving stress and pain. The increased flow of blood to the brain aids in better memory and concentration. A relaxed and calm mind is ready to take on the rigors of everyday life and more tuned. The elevated feeling that is felt after a regular exercise routine or a walk is euphoric. In fact, regular exercise goes a long way in alleviating depression, lowering anxiety and controlling mood swings. Experience enhanced energy levels and mental alertness with regular exercise.

Choose an exercise form that suits you inherently. A regular workout at a gym works well for some while some other women prefer to take up a sport. Take to walking or gardening if your age and health do not permit more strenuous activity. You can incorporate yoga into your lifestyle and reap the benefits of a calm mind and supple body. Feel good about yourself….. It’s never too late to start!

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