Storing Makeup

Dont be afraid to try out various makeup techniques …. and arrive at tricks that work out best for you. Play around with colors and techniques to bring out the best in your features. Makeup after all is applied to reflect and enhance your innate beauty – not create an artificial layer. Look at your face as a whole when getting your makeup techniques. Take in the tone of your skin and the color palette that goes well with it. Makeup techniques differ according to the kind of look you want to achieve. Be it natural or formal, choose your cosmetics and color palette accordingly. Whether it is to bring out the allure of your green eyes or downplay problem skin, makeup tips are available aplenty. Always try out makeup products before using them. You need a light hand when applying makeup. Do not slather a lot of makeup. After all, often less is more!

Storing MakeupMakeup Techniques

But whatever be the makeup techniques you use, what you need is a good canvas to work on – clear skin that exudes good health. Taking good care of your skin is the first step towards good makeup. With the right use of cleansers, toners and moisturizers, ensure that your skin is well taken care of. Do not forget the all-important sunscreen before you step outside.

Storing Makeup

Learning to store your makeup cosmetics right is just about as important as using them. Storing makeup correctly goes a long way in its life and quality. Once you have learnt to use a few makeup cosmetics, get yourself equipped with a good makeup bag to store your cosmetics. Once you have learnt to use a few makeup cosmetics, get yourself equipped with a good makeup bag to store your cosmetics.

Organize your cosmetics well within so as to be able to fish them out in a hurry – which is most of the time. Ensure that you keep out moisture and humidity. While you need not store your makeup cosmetics in a fridge, the bathroom is surely the wrong place to store your makeup. Many women swear by the use of Ziploc bags to store their makeup. They are also convenient during travel and prevent accidental spills onto your clothes. Do not use cosmetics beyond their expiry date. And a final word of caution with makeup cosmetics – Avoid sharing your mascara, lipstick and eye makeup.

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