Healthy Recipes

In keeping with our focus on physical and mental wellbeing, we throw light on healthy recipes that we can incorporate into our mealtimes. With women juggling so many roles, the need is felt for healthy dinner time recipes that promise wholesome meals to enhance family meal times. Eat healthy to stay healthy. After all you are what you eat. Combined with a regular fitness regimen, make healthy recipes a part of your lifestyle. In this way, your body thrives on the goodness of wholesome nutritious meals. Keep your heart happy too.

Healthy Recipes

Healthy recipes help you gain control over your weight and medical conditions. Over time, these healthy options will become a part of you! With a bit of ingenuity with ingredients, you can work wonders with food. Go in for whole grains and whole grain products. Cut out unhealthy fats. Work plenty of color into your meals with colorful vegetables and fruits. With skillful use of herbs, you can kiss goodbye to oily and overspiced dishes. Dont give deserts the go by any longer. With our range of low-fat desserts and tips on substituting high fat ingredients with healthier options, you can indulge your sweet tooth!

It is indeed sad to see growing kids getting overweight and obese. Any mom would be happy with some healthy recipes to feed her kids. Opt for healthier snacks over packaged snacks that are high on fat and salt. Beware of sauces and dressings that are loaded with MSG, margarine, oil or butter. Go in for low-fat dairy products. Make healthy cooking a lifetime plan!

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Healthy Diet

According to American Sports Data Inc. the percentage of Obesity in the US has increased from 13 % ( in the base year 1962) to 31 % (in the year 2000). Hold your breath .. the worse is yet to come.

The U.S. Surgeon General report indicates that obesity is responsible for the death of over a quarter million Americans every year.  About 63 % of adult Americans have a body mass index of over 25 – which means one thing – that we are overweight and we need to do something about this.

With increasing affluence and change in dietary pattern across the world, things are not exactly rosy elsewhere either. I see this as another problem affecting the entire world.

Is there a solution for this weighty problem?  There is – in fact – plenty.

Diets and exercise programs can help alleviate the problem. We come back to the core subject of this blog – choosing the right diet that will work for you. Is there a Healthy Diet ?

Healthy Diet


Diet Plan



Rice Diet

The rice diet propagated by the Duke University has shown considerable results in persons suffering from obesity and heart disease.


Sacred Heart Diet

For rapid weight loss in overweight heart patients prior to their surgery. This is a soup-based diet and people following this diet tend to lose around 10-17 pounds in the first week itself.


Dash Diet

The DASH diet aims at reducing elevated blood pressure with dietary modifications. This hypertension diet is not a fixed menu but a guideline towards reducing sodium and fats in the diet.


3 Day Diet Strategy

A 3 day diet strategy involves a calorie-restricted diet to bring about quick loss of weight. The effectiveness of these diets is much debated though


Negative Calorie Diet

Negative calorie diet seeks to rev up the body’s metabolic processes. Suitable for weight loss and subsequent weight maintenance


Scarsdale Diet Plan

The good part is that salads and lean meats form a large chunk of the diet. But the diet is so severely restricted in calories that it is difficult to follow it for too long.


Raw Food Diet

Consuming 75% of the diet as enzymatically alive, raw, whole, live uncooked food is favorable.


High Protein Diet

High protein, high fat and moderate carbohydrate diet is closely related to Atkins diet. A variation of this diet is zone diet.


Zone Diet Plan

This diet prescribes moderate carbohydrate, adequate protein and a low fat diet. Also referred to as 40:30:30 diet – 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein and 30% fat.


South Beach Diet

South Beach diet plan is aimed at shedding off weight and keeping it off. Promoted in 3 phases. May need individual adaptation as all other diet plans do.


Sonoma Diet

The secret to losing weight forever is not in avoiding foods you love but enjoying the right foods in the right amounts.


Macrobiotic Diet

Macrobiotic diet seeks to harmonize the forces of Ying and Yang so as to optimize their effect on the body. Mostly vegetarian food items …


Montignac Diet

The method aims at changing the way people eat – choosing the right food combination to eat and not in limiting what they eat.


Low Fat Low Cholesterol Diet

A restrictive diet with many benefits. The  page also has a few low fat / low cholesterol recipes.


Hay Diet

This diet is also known as the food combining diet and functions as a trigger to reduce unwanted weight. No exercise schedule is insisted during this diet program, this is a diet that works purely with the nutrition of the body and can be followed all through the life of a person.

One step to 10 Diets

Some studies show that about 60 % Americans are overweight while a comparatively minor percentage – about 5 %
young women suffer from Anorexia nervosa or Bulimia nervosa – suggesting that we require some serious control in our diets.

According to the American osteopathic Association ” You are never too young, too overweight, or too busy to make vital changes in your lifestyle that will help you lose or maintain weight.”

Many diet plans propound strict adherence to their regimen of essential food components – protein, carbohydrate and fat. For example – the zone diet plan, one of the most popular diet concepts, can be best described as – carbohydrate moderate, protein adequate and low fat diet. This is also referred to as forty thirty thirty diet – 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein and 30% fat. Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston have endorsed the efficacy of this diet plan. 

With increasing instances of obesity, it has been observed that many a diet plan is propounded to help people shed off the extra pounds. There is no dearth of fad diets that claim weight loss within a week or two. Most of them are nutritionally skewed and can lead to starvation and other side effects.

Negative calorie diet is a good example of a fad diet that offers excessively low calorie content. Foods such as beets, broccoli, green cabbage, carrots, cauliflower and asparagus are consumed in this negative calorie diet. This may well remind you of what was available in the concentration camp. Some fad diet essentially talks of thin watery soup with cabbage spiced with herbs. Their long term implication on health is dubious.

Protein rich Atkins Diet or Dr. Agatston’s South Beach diet plan have their detractors as well as loyal fans who swear by their diet plans. High protein diet plan has often been implicated in kidney complications for susceptible individuals.

To cut a long story short, we have decided to include all main stream diet plans in our round up on this Diet plans – from the concept to implementation besides a few recipes along the way.

As is usual, we take no stand on the effectiveness or otherwise of any of the diets presented here. You will decide which diet is best for you …

Sonoma Diet
The Sonoma diet encapsulates the goodness of the Mediterranean diet. The emphasis is on wholesome nutrient-rich food sans too many deprivations.

Macrobiotic Diet
A macrobiotic diet is one that is primarily based on Eastern philosophy of yin and yang. Read more about this concept of harmonizing the diet to achieve holistic approach.

South Beach Diet Recipe
Propagated by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a cardiologist, the South Beach diet plan is aimed at shedding off weight and keeping it off. Learn about the three phases of this popular diet plan. Pick up a few South Beach diet recipes.

Ketogenic Diet
A ketogenic diet has been around since around 80 years though there has been a revived interest in the recent years. This high-fat low carbohydrate diet is found to be useful in treating epilepsy.

Dash Diet
The DASH diet aims at reducing elevated blood pressure with dietary modifications. This hypertension diet is not a fixed menu but a guideline towards reducing sodium and fats in the diet.

Fad Diet
Fad diets are characterized by extremely low caloric intake and elimination of certain food groups. They are nutritionally skewed and may not help in weight loss in the long run.

3 Day Diet Strategy
A 3 day diet strategy involves a calorie-restricted diet to bring about quick loss of weight. The effectiveness of these diets is much debated

Diabetic Diet Plan
Diabetes diet plans are more about understanding dietary requirements and making suitable adaptations to your lifestyle and diet so as to achieve health goals. Diabetic diets are not the rigid diets that they were once made out to be.

Zone Diet Plan
Understand the underlying principles of the Zone diet plan. Look up some simple recipes that can help you rustle a zone diet meal.

Diverticulitis Diet
Look at the benefits of a high fiber diet in keeping diverticulitis at bay.

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